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  • GET UNSTUCK WITH TRAC-GRABBER – quick, simple and effective devices for when your vehicle is stranded in difficult weather and terrain conditions. Includes set of 2 blocks and straps
  • SNOW, MUD AND SAND – the Trac-Grabbers enhance the ability of a slipping tire to extract itself from a poor traction situation, taking you to stable terrain. Ideal for winter weather and emergency situations
  • HOW TO USE – get unstuck and rescue yourself with this must-have vehicle recovery tool. It’s straightforward to install, use the adjustable straps to attach the Trac Grabber block to each drive wheel
  • VERSATILE – recommended for use on your two-wheel car, mini van, crossover SUV, ATV or UTV. Each block measures 8" (L) x 3" (W) x 1" (D); Strap Size 1.5" x 39"
  • SERVES YOU FAITHFULLY – constructed using rugged and durable premium EPDM rubber. Reusable and super portable so you can take them anywhere with you, with no risk of harm to your tires

Ten Handy Tips for Using The Trac-Grabber


  1. Thoroughly inspect the wheel wells to make sure your vehicle has sufficient clearance for the TRAC-GRABBERS and STRAPS to make a full and unobstructed rotation. Be sure to check for clearance at your brake and suspension components as well.
  2. While getting unstuck, keep the front wheels as straight as possible to reduce resistance.
  3. Be sure to physically remove any obvious obstructions from ALL wheels that may create resistance and hinder your vehicle from moving. Help your TRAC-GRABBERS help you out!
  4. When installing TRAC-GRABBERS on your front wheels, always keep the wheels as straight as possible. With the wheels turned, the clearance for the TRAC-GRABERS may be reduced.
  5. Stop and install your TRAC-GRABBERS at the first signs of losing traction and before you dig deep holes and bottom out.
  6. Once TRAC-GRABERS are installed, go in the shortest and easiest direction back to stable terrain. It is usually back to where you came from. TRAC-GRABBERS work just as well in forward or reverse.
  7. Cinch your TRAC-GRABBERS down very tight so they stay flush on your wheels while in use. A loose TRAC-GRABBER can flip over and become damaged.
  8. Always install a TRAC-GRABBER on each drive wheel. More than one on a wheel is not recommended.
  9. Take it Slow! With TRAC-GRABERS installed, apply just enough power to turn the wheels to the point where the TRAC-GRABBERS become engaged. Then apply just a little more power to allow the TRAC-GRABBERS to slowly lift and start the vehicle moving. At that point you should back off of the power to avoid rapid spinning and apply just enough power to keep your vehicle moving. Rapid spinning can cause damage to your TRAC-GRABBERS.
  10. During use, the TRAC-GRABBERS will shift slightly on your wheels and the strap will become very tight. It may be necessary to manually force the TRAC-GRABBER back to its originally installed position which will create slack in the strap and allow for easy removal.


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