Ginger Body Warmer Sticker
Ginger Body Warmer Sticker
Ginger Body Warmer Sticker

Ginger Body Warmer Sticker

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Nerve Pain Therapy Patches ease tingling, burning and numbness in the feet and hands. The fast-acting & penetrating formula delivers quick relief of nerve pain so you can enjoy an easier, painless life. Experience safe and effective results without a prescription! 

The all-herbal formula naturally improves nerve density and sensory signal transmission, and thus soothes immobility and discomfort. It is recommended for a variety of nerve issues, ranging from arthritis to joint problems:

Nerve pain is caused by:

  • Diabetes
  • Medications, including chemotherapy
  • Toxins, such as heavy alcohol use
  • Poor immunity
  • Vitamin Deficiency and more



  • Rapidly reduce tingling, burning, and numbness
  • Decreases pain & discomfort
  • Boosts blood supply to damaged and needy nerves
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Soothingly self-warming pad
  • Facilitates nerve regeneration after nerve injuries


  •  Stick on the pain spot for 5-8 hours. No side effect.


  • 20pcs x Ginger Body Warmer Sticker